Rise and Fall: Online Screenshot

From the game by Christophe Boelinger, edited by Ludically

Rise And Fall Online

Rise & Fall is a full control strategic game. Each player controls a civilization trying to expand and progress in a fantasy world. This world displays a unique landscape where glaciers live on islands and huge cliffs are common barriers and challenges to overcome.

In this gorgeous land each player starts with a small tribe including a village, a citizen and a ship and will grow to a full civilization with more of the pre-mentioned units but also temples, merchants and the precious highlanders, the only ones able to pass those astonishing cliffs.

Rise & Fall is a very immersive and addictive game, easy to understand, with no luck or randomness involved. The initial creation of the world by itself is a real pleasure and each game brings a different map to the table.

The new players will enjoy the game for its “easy access” aspect. Since all the actions you can do are displayed on the six cards of a player’s deck, this makes the game really accessible right from the start.

The more exigent strategist players will love the game for its full control aspect and the fact that the learning curve seems to be a constant line of progression.

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Frequently asked questions

For other questions please ask the community and the dev team on discord.

How can I access the closed alpha?

Please download and install the application, create an account and validate your mail to get randomly granted access. Access keys are also avialable on the official discord for immediate access.

How to play?

An in-app interactive tutorial is planned to be developed but is not available at the moment. Please read the rule book available on the download page and join the discord to discuss with the other players. They may be able to guide you.

On which Platform can I play?

The alpha version of “Rise and Fall Online” is available for Windows. An Android and Linux version are also available with very limited support. The online mode is fully cross-platform by design.

I found a bug in the application. What should I do?

Don’t panic, the application is an alpha version right now and this is part of the development. Please inform the development team via email or on the dedicated discord channel. As we can’t fix what we are unaware of, please inform us of any glitch issue. Sorry for the inconvenience we will prioritize it and attempt to address it in a future release.

Is it free?

The alpha version is free for limited time only. A paid early access version will be soon available on Steam for Windows Desktop.

Can I share my experience?

Yes please, this version is meant for people to discover the rise and fall board game and experience it online. Please do not hesitate to share screenshots, videos, reviews, streams... Please be kind we are a very small technical team and the application is still in development.